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Intuitive IT Solutions’ range of IT and hosting services ensures your company’s computers, servers, and networks stay up and running. Your equipment will function at peak performance with the help of our experienced technicians.

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Spencer Nichols Network\Server Engineer
Spencer Nichols

Spencer joined Intuitive in 2012, and studies Information Systems at the University of Utah. He is certified in Microsoft Windows 7, and has been fixing computers for friends and relatives since high school. Despite only having had the first year of a two year high school Cisco...

Nicholas Macy Support Team Member
Nicholas Macy

Nicholas has been intrigued by computers since an early age. Growing up in the country with not many people his age around, gaming came very naturally to him. His pursuit of computer gaming increased his interest into computers, and at the age of 12 built his first computer...

Nathaniel Mitchell Support Team Member
Nathaniel Mitchell

Nathaniel grew up with a fascination for computers. His interest started because of the example of his uncle who taught him about basic computer hardware at a young age. His passion is troubleshooting and resolving computer problems. He grew up in...

Anelise Leishman Administrative Assistant
Anelise Leishman

Anelise joined Intuitive IT in 2017 performing administrative duties after getting her start in customer service. She has always had a fondness for words – she loves reading them, writing them, and even occasionally speaking them. She specializes in professional writing...

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Only receive service when problems arise by scheduling an appointment with our experienced technicians.

  • Real IT Support
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Block Hours

Get dedicated IT support with more bang for your buck. Purchase blocks of IT support at a discounted price.

  • Real IT Support
  • Dedicated hours
  • Discounted Hour Rates
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Fully Managed

Ensure full support for all of your computers and equipment with this comprehensive service during normal business hours.

  • Real IT Support
  • 9 to 5 Service Hours
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Full Office Care
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Specially designed for businesses who work around the clock. Ensure full support for all of your computers and equipment *24/7.

  • Real IT Support
  • 24/7 Servicing
  • Cheaper Service Fees
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Full Office Care
*excluding Thanksgiving & Christmas
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