Intuitive IT Solutions’ Team

You can rely on the experts at Intuitive IT to provide you with professional IT service (with a sense of humor).

Dave Franz


Adopted by wolves and then sold into slavery, Dave is no stranger to adversity. After stealing the charisma of a local demigod, Dave soon flattered his way out of servitude and into the world of IT (although some consider that to be less of a step up and more of a lateral move).

Sarah Franz

Chief Financial Officer

Bio coming soon!

Spencer, senior tech support at Intuitive IT in Utah

Spencer Nichols

Network & Server Engineer

Spencer joined Intuitive IT in 2012 and is now one of our most senior team members. He is certified in Microsoft 7. Spencer is studying Information Systems at the University of Utah, where he has funded almost his entire education through work. He has been solving computer problems and building computer networks for friends, relatives and church since high school. Despite only having had the first year of a two year high school Cisco course, he took fourth place in the Indiana State High School Cisco Challenge in 2002. He has also served a mission for his church in Louisiana.

While most of Spencer’s time is spent at work and attending the University he does try to find moments for some R and R.  He likes to spend time in Brighton hiking and observing nature.  He appreciates a good book and is always looking for suggestions to add to his “To Read” list.  He loves church and devotes a lot of energy to serving his fellow men.  He likes catching a movie, going out to eat, and playing computer games with his friends.  He enjoys traveling and recently returned from Europe where he visited Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Copenhagen.  He is a proud uncle who dotes on his niece and nephews and hopes to have a family of his own one day.  Some of his favorite things include:  Three Musketeer bars, Fettuccine Alfredo, Smallville, NCIS, mythology, and Shakespeare.

 Nicholas Macy

Support Team Member

Nicholas has been intrigued by computers since an early age. Growing up in the country with not many people his age around, gaming came very naturally to him. His pursuit of computer gaming increased his interest into computers, and at the age of 12 built his first computer. Throughout his teen and early adult life he pursued a career in IT, including starting his own IT consulting company at the age of 16. He has many years of experience doing desktop support and troubleshooting in both the business and education environments. He is currently pursuing continued education in IT with a focus in Linux, server management, and cyber security.

When Nicholas is not fixing computers he is typically playing on them. Some of his hobbies include, building robots, staying current on technology, being a pyrotechnician, and playing the occasional game. He has recently made the switch to using Linux as his primary OS on computers, except for his gaming computer. He enjoys the occasional visit to the shooting range, in high school he was the team captain of the Trap team. Nicholas considers himself to be a general nerd, who enjoys computers, is a large Star Wars fan, enjoys Star Trek, and he has been known to join in on the occasional D&D night. His aim in life is to help improve the lives of others. Computers in his mind have a lot of potential to help mankind solve and improve many problems and struggles and looks forward to the opportunities to help make this so.

Anelise Leishman

Administrative Assistant

Anelise joined Intuitive IT in 2017 performing administrative duties after getting her start in customer service. She has always had a fondness for words – she loves reading them, writing them, and even occasionally speaking them. She specializes in professional writing and editing, but also enjoys opinion and persuasive writing. A Boston native, Anelise is working towards earning her BA in English at Brigham Young University.

Before she ever picked up a pen, Anelise began studying classical ballet, and she has performed professionally as a student for many years in both Massachusetts and Utah. She also loves literature, fine art, yoga, hiking, and being with family. She was married in 2016 to her husband Christian, who studies computer engineering at BYU.

Nathaniel Mitchell

Support Team Member

Nathaniel grew up with a fascination for computers. His interest started because of the example of his uncle who taught him about basic computer hardware at a young age. His passion is troubleshooting and resolving computer problems. He grew up in southern California until his family moved to Springville, Utah when he was eleven years old where he lived until he left for a two-year mission for the LDS church in Peru. His love for learning helped him to start studying at Brigham Young University where he learned of his love for programming which motivated him to begin pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His first job after returning from Peru was at the computer repair store on BYU campus doing any hardware or software repairs that were brought into the store.

Nathaniel played ultimate frisbee and tennis in high school, where he met his wife Nancy to whom he married in August 2017. His free time is spent exploring the outdoors, playing video games and spending time with his wife and her family.

Josiah Christiansen

Support Team Member

Growing up, Josiah was always curious about how things work. Playing computer games on the weekends with his older brother and cousins piqued his interest in computers at young age. Josiah followed in his brother’s footsteps, learning about computers through gaming, taking computer classes in high school, and working for PC Discounters, a computer repair shop, for over two years. After a full day of work, Josiah works hard studying Information Systems at Utah Valley University to improve his IT skills and to better help our clients.

Outside of work and school, Josiah spends his time fulfilling his church responsibilities and enjoying the company of family and friends. A few nights a year, he organizes and hosts a game night with friends and family to play computer games, exchange some nerdy jokes, and spend time together. One of Josiah’s life goals is to design, develop, and publish his own game, and he works hard to make this goal a reality. He is determined to help improve the lives around him, be it troubleshooting and resolving computer issues, or just having a conversation to brighten someone’s day.

Kaycee Elm


Kaycee has always loved working with people and creating lasting relationships. She grew up on an onion farm in the small town of Hooper, Utah and was raised to work hard and be kind to others. She used that mentality as she served an 18-month mission in Virginia for the LDS church. After returning from her mission and getting her start in sales, she joined the Intuitive IT team in 2017. She is currently studying Graphic Design at Brigham Young University with a minor in Business.

Some of Kaycee’s favorite things include reading, learning the ins and outs of photography, boating, trying new foods, and snuggling up with a good movie and ice cream. She also loves to travel with her husband Jake, who she met in the 7th grade and eventually married in September 2016.

Aly Rallis


Aly has always loved working with others – especially babies. She is currently attending Utah Valley University, where she is working towards a Masters in Child Psychology. She grew up in Southern California before moving to Salt Lake City, then Orem. She and her fiancé will be welcoming their first daughter in December 2017!

Some of Aly’s favorite things include baking, driving in the canyons, playing card games, painting, and traveling. She has been to 40 of the 50 United States and is planning a trip in summer 2018 with her family to visit the rest of them.