Most malicious online attacks are geared towards smaller businesses that can’t afford all the fancy protection that bigger businesses take for granted. Cyber Security is the most essential way to protect your business from online criminals. Intuitive IT’s primary focus is providing proactive and preventative cyber security for small and medium-sized businesses. Even on the most basic of our plans your equipment is properly protected against attacks that cripple business productivity.

Security Services

   Antivirus Protection

The best way to protect your devices is to keep viruses and malware from being able to access them at all. Our software creates a dual-layered protection system to cover vulnerabilities and provide thorough protection that helps eliminate the possibility of malicious attacks.

Computer Protection and Self-Healing

Devices that get regular maintenance last longest. Our proactive plans come with preventative care software that work to ensure that your devices aren’t overheating or breaking down. They monitor device health and actively help to ensure that devices automatically correct performance issues before they cause problems, keeping your devices working and healthy.


  Cloud Backup

As much as we try, we can’t predict all possible things that could happen to your computer. With our backup services, you won’t have to worry about what would happen if something unexpected happened to your computer. You can be secure in the knowledge that even if your computer died, your data didn’t die with it.



   Network Firewall Security

We have software that will add that extra layer of protection to your computer by working in tangent with a firewall to protect your network. There are a lot of dangerous sites on the internet trying to get access to your domain. When you get a firewall set up correctly, it adds another layer of important protection that will keep your servers secure and your information protected.


   Internet Security

For all the amazing things the internet provides, it has its own drawbacks. We can help make sure that the connection you have to the internet is secure and protected so that your computer isn’t at risk while you browse the web.

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