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Business owners and individual employees often face a barrage of inbox spam, sometimes on a daily basis. These unwanted emails can easily expose your computer to the dark forces of virus and phishing attacks. Businesses have to employ defensive technology and techniques to stay one step ahead of the rapidly changing threat.

Intuitive IT Solutions stands on a shiny pedestal in the email hosting industry with our robust, multi-level detection system. Our anti-virus protection involves meticulous pre-scanning stages, and powerful detection stages that are continuously updated to zap modernized threats. Our systems block more than 100,000 infected emails on a daily basis—or even as many as 1 million per day during new virus outbreaks! That’s as many as all the stars in the galaxy! (Ok, not really, but it’s still a lot).

With our email hosting, you can host both Intuitive Email and Microsoft Exchange 2013 on the same domain. Most providers make you choose one or the other, but we let ya have both.

We want accessing important work emails to be as simple and convenient as using squeezable ketchup bottles. To make things easy, with Intuitive IT Solutions’ email hosting, you can access your email from your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, and enjoy fancy real-time syncing and updates.
We want accessing important emails to be as simple and convenient as possible. Companies relying on Intuitive IT Solutions’ email hosting can access their email from their desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, and enjoy real-time syncing and updates.


Intuitive IT Solutions’ email hosting features

  • Ability to simultaneously host Intuitive Email and Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Easy transitioning with personal walk-through
  • Devoted support team ready 24/7 to take your call, chat, or ticket
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Shared Calendars and company directory
  • Enhanced security through SSL encryption
  • Backups and Data recovery for up to 14 days
  • Prices ranging from $2-$10 monthly per user
  • And much more!

Free yourself from sifting through spam and the havoc of email-borne viruses! Let Intuitive IT Solutions help you build up an imposing line of defense against system attacks.