Call for Backup!

Damaged laptop in Utah protected by our cloud backups

Your company can’t afford to lose critical data in a desktop hard drive crash, or if your laptop happens to fall into a pool of lava (it’s been known to happen). And what about the files stored on your business’ servers? If your server files are lost in some catastrophic, monstrous disaster involving the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you have a backup plan, right?

Intuitive IT is here to create and implement your backup plan, your alpha plan, your beta plan, your preventative plan, and all your plans rolled into one! Our online backup management services ensure your important server databases and business files are backed up safely in the cloud. So in the case of an emergency, go ahead, breathe a gigantic sigh of relief. Your files are safe.

With Intuitive IT Solutions Backup for Servers, you receive:

  • Online backup services for your SQL and Exchange environments
  • Simple online administration console
  • Automatic or scheduled backups, as frequently as you would like
  • The highest security standards with military-grade encryption
  • Affordable prices customizable to your business
  • And more!

Avoid Disasters

Our team at Intuitive IT Solutions sets up your entire cloud backup system. We then continue to manage it and prowl around the servers humming the Mission Impossible theme—just for that added security boost.

With our awesome backup service, you only pay for what you use, starting a $5/month. That means you’re never flummoxed by annoying storage caps, but that you’re also not paying for storage you’re not using yet.


With our cloud backup services for servers, you can access your files from anywhere. From home? Yes. At a presentation? Yes. While you’re getting a massage? Sure! During halftime at your MMA match? Hey, you’re the boss. We give you the flexibility to access the data you need, when and where you need it.

Personification of cloud backups as a superhero

Get your server data backed up with a system that’s both convenient and secure. Contact our team at Intuitive IT Solutions to get started.