Hourly Rate Support

Just like with donuts, buying support hours in bulk is cheaper than paying for individual on-call hours. With Intuitive IT Solutions, you can purchase blocks of IT Support hours at a snazzy, discounted rate.

At Intuitive IT Solutions, we know that our larger support plans can be a little much for smaller companies. With the Block Hour plan, you get the freedom to customize your own plan. YOU choose the amount of hours you want per month (at 25% less cost than our on-call rate. Huzzah!).


We Support Non-Computer Issues


If you have unused service hours at the end of the month, don’t worry—they don’t go to waste, swirling into a dark abyss. We make sure your company gets full use of time allotments. We are happy to address non-computer related tech issues as a part of your block hours.

You are also welcome to use unused monthly hours in having your computers thoroughly serviced. When you service your computers and other equipment, you avoid the demise of future technical failures, cleverly averting disasters before they occur.

Stay up-and-running with the help of Intuitive IT! Intuitive IT values our customer’s business, and wants to ensure that all your electronic tools are contributing to your success. Start supporting your computers today!