The computer is down—everybody panic!

Actually, no panicking is necessary. At Intuitive IT, our skilled technicians can help solve those wretched, unplanned emergencies that make you want to bang your head against a doorframe. Just call us when problems arise, and only pay for the support you need (preferably before you throw your computer against the wall).

With our shiny motorcycles, our experienced techs can arrive at your appointment super fast. Ok, we actually don’t have motorcycles (yet!), but we are punctual, and provide the level of service of Enterprise class IT at a small business price.

Utah woman freaking out because she needs tech support

Don’t panic, We’ll take care of it

on-call it support

Intuitive IT believes that by handling technical problems, we’re not just fixing computers—we’re helping you, as an beautiful individual in the wide business universe. Each company we help uses their computers and technology for different purposes, accomplishing important business and personal goals. Computer issues, then, are diabolical, cackling villains attempting to sabotage your business productivity. Intuitive IT helps save you from the foul clutches of any and all IT problems, restoring your equipment to full functionality.

Finicky computers and servers are powerless to oppose our might. Let us make your panic disappear—we’ll get your system fixed. Schedule time with our technicians to get your IT problems solved.

How does on-call tech support pricing work?

In some cases, we can address your needs remotely. We stay at our offices, but we use tools to remotely look at and access your computer. We fix the problem as efficiently as we can. If it requires an onsite visit, we’ll get to your location as soon as we can.

In general, we charge $95 per hour for onsite tech support with a minimum charge of $95. We charge $23.75 per 15 minute block of time we spend while working remotely.

Other Pricing Options

We also give discounts if you want to pre-purchase blocks of tech support time. Learn more about buying IT Services with bulk pricing.

Prevent problems from happening with our Proactive or our Managed IT Service plans.

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