At Intuitive IT, we believe that your equipment should be an asset, not a hassle. We offer the managed IT services you need to make that a reality.

While having IT support is important, we believe it should also be empowering! We work with your budget to make sure that you get a plan that equips you with the managed IT services that will be the most enabling for you.

Basic Protection Plans

Our Basic and Proactive Plans are great for small businesses who need security services, but don’t rely that much on actual technician support. They provide different ranges of protective software that will keep your computer healthy and secure.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan provides the software you need to keep your network protected.

Proactive Plan 

The Proactive Plan provides software that protects your computer as well as preventative care software and benefits that ensure you can keep your computer healthy.

Managed Service Plans 

For businesses that would benefit from having easy access to technician support, our Proactive Plus Plans offer a wider scope of advantages to get your business the amount of IT support your equipment needs. These plans receive all of the protective and preventative software we have. You receive the protection you need and the support you deserve.  

Proactive Plus Remote Plan 

The Proactive Plus Remote Plan provides unlimited remote support during business hours. It also includes all our protective and preventative care software and security features.

Proactive Plus Unlimited Plan 

The Managed Proactive Plus Unlimited Plan provides unlimited remote and onsite tech support 24/7. All our protective and preventative care software and security features are included.

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