The most cost-effective way to keep your computers working is to prevent problems before they occur. Just like cars, computers need maintenance so they don’t break down. This chart was created to help you compare IT Plans to find one that fits your needs and help you keep your equipment healthy. 

We want to make sure you feel you can get the amount of support you need at a price you can afford it. Each of our plans has its own unique benefits. Our comparison chart shows a side by side comparison of services, so you can see how each plan would support your business.The plans we offer are Basic, Proactive, Proactive Plus Remote, and Proactive Plus Unlimited. Each plan has unique goals for providing service to customers. 


  • Cyber Security 


  • Cyber Security and preventative care software

Proactive Plus Remote  

  • Cyber Security and unlimited remote support 

Proactive Plus Unlimited  

  • Cyber Security and unlimited 24/7 support 

We want to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. Please download our Cost Analysis Template to see our full pricing structure!

Our Managed IT Services 

We know you never even want us to have to walk through your door. You have MUCH more important things to think about. Let us set up your systems the right way the first time. With our Managed IT Services plan, if problems arise, you receive unlimited remote and on site support until your issue is resolved. This plan also offers many additional features as shown in the chart below. Higher monthly cost. No costs to resolve issues.  

Our Proactive IT Services 

We try to prevent IT problems from happening in the first place. However, when problems arise, you pay hourly to resolve the issuesLower monthly cost. Hourly services as needed. 

Don’t Need Monthly IT Support Plans? 

Maybe you just want to have us on call, ready to go, when the need arises. We’re cool with that. Even though it’s like waiting for your car to break down instead of making sure it doesn’t break down in the first place, who are we to force you to fit into our monthly plans? 

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