Multi-Layer Anti-Virus Protection

Intuitive IT Solutions isn’t just here to fix your systems when they go up in flames; we’re here to ensure your company computers and employees are working at maximum productivity. To do this, Intuitive IT offers you our glistening crown jewel on a velvet cushion: our Total Anti-Virus Solution, completely managed by us, to protect your computers against the mayhem of infection and downtime. Never worry about your Anti-Virus software or Virus Definitions being up-to-date again!

Viruses and malware are the dark underbelly of the internet, and they run rampant these days. Intuitive IT has noticed that many of our clients, before working with us, did not have proper protection because they struggled to keep up-to-date with their anti-virus software (bless their hearts). Not only that, but employees can unknowingly invite infections to the company system by accessing unauthorized sites during work hours.

With Intuitive IT’s Total Anti-Virus Solution, companies raise their castle drawbridge to defend against virus attacks and productivity loss. Our multi-layer, monthly subscription includes the following awesome features:


Specific Protection Plan

  • Multi-Layer threat protection
  • Software & virus definition management (so you don’t have to worry about being up-to-date)
  • Reports detailing websites employees have visited, and amount of time spent on given websites
  • Infected websites are automatically blocked
  • Ability to prevent access to certain websites, or categories of websites.
  • Ability to view attempts to access blocked sites

Laptop that needs virus protection in Provo

With Intuitive IT’s Total Anti-Virus Solution, you can point and laugh at all of the stymied viruses and malware that fruitlessly struggle to find a way onto your systems. Blocking up to 90% of virus attempts, our protection solution gives you ultimate peace of mind.


Take control of your company! Safeguard your systems from harmful viruses and malware with Intuitive IT.